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the Boosters

The G.W. Band Parent Association, Inc. is the parent support group to all of the Band programs at George Washington High School. It consists of any individual that expresses a desire to work to promote the wellness of the program and provide opportunities for the students to experience positive activities in our school atmosphere, community, and on the road. Each parent is encouraged to become a member of the Band Parent Association to support their child and provide the needed assistance to the Band program that must be present in order for the Band to operate according to the standards that have been established in the past.

Executive Board

Vice President

Lynette Giles


Michele Cassidy

Tammy Jones

Dara Johnson

(labeled from left to right)


Booster Handbook

This handbook was written by the Director of Bands of the George Washington High School Band as an aid to all band parents.  Being familiar with its contents will help new members and veterans alike.


Band parents will need to attend a meeting on July 22nd at the GWHS Auditorium. There will also be a social this meeting.

(More information to come about the social)

Minutes of last Meeting

Stay in the loop with information discussed during the last meeting.